The Launching of IMR Study Series on International & Comparative Law

The event is intended to launch the Institute for Migrant Rights’ new initiative, Rangkaian Studi IMR (IMR Series Studies). The initiative is intended to publish any works or study in Bahasa and English in the fields of international and comparative law that we consider as relevant for the advancement of the promotion of the internalization and observance of international law in Indonesian legal system. The series will be published by the IMR Press. The event will also launch its inaugural publication “Using International Trade Law to Promote the Interests of Global South: A Study on the Effectiveness of Special & Differential Treatments” which is written by Nandang Sutrisno (ISBN 978-602-96480-0-3). will be held at the law school of the State University of Semarang (Universitas Negeri Semarang), Semarang, Central Java on 19 April 2010. The event will include the speakers: Professor Beth Lyon, Villanova Law School and Advisory Board of the Institute, Pranoto Iskandar, Founding Editor of the Rangkaian Studi IMR, Dr. Nandang Sutrisno, Vice Dean of the School of Law of Universitas Islam Indonesia and Program Research Manager on Sweatshop, Service Liberation, and International Economic Law at the Institute.

The Launching of The Institute for Migrant Rights

In commemoration of international migrant day, the Institute and the American Society of International Law in December 16 2007 launched the Institute as an academic based initiative that introduce the exploration of international law for the benefits of the advancement of human rights of non-citizens in national legal system. This event is featured some eminent world scholars in the field who discussed the centrality of international law in the efforts of promotion and advocacy of human rights in today’s interconnected world.

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