What We Do

  1. Establishing a legal clinic that provides free legal assistance to those who are willing to communicate to the relevant UN and/or other’s human rights organs;
  2. Publishing relevant works, particularly the introductory manuals, that support the goals of the initiative, i.e., promoting the genuine acceptance of human rights in national legal system;
  3. Holding a series of workshops that encourage the Indonesian public to learn more on the subject;
  4. Conducting in-depth studies regarding the obstruction of the implementation of human rights norms as well as its discourse at the local level; and
  5. Engaging with relevant government agencies, particularly the regional government and its partner, the regional House of Representatives, in order to influence their practice and their legal products, and the relevant non-state actors, such as, NGOs and other prominent public figures, such as traditional Islamic scholars (ulama) and political party oficials.