Q & A


What is the Institute for Migrant Rights?

The Institute is a non-governmental organization that operate in the field of promotion and advocacy of migrant workers’ rights. It was launched with the co-sponsorship of the American Society of International Law on 18 December 2007 as the commemoration of the Protection of the rights of all Migrant Workers and Member of Their Families globally held. The Institute consists of four departments. The main concern of the institute is the vulnerable position of the migrant workers which is identified, protection that we believe as the root cause of all the others problems arise. Therefore, the statute of the Institute explicitly supports any activities that are aimed to promote the Internalization of the UN Migrant Rights Convention, especially, in Indonesia. The Institute for Migrant Rights office is located in Cianjur, Indonesia, the city that earns global reputations as one of the largers senders of migrant workers.

What Does the Institute for Migrant Rights Do?

Our main objective of the overall programs are to advocate and promote the awareness of the migrants on the availablity of the international mechanisms on the promotion and protection of their human rights. Therefore, the Institute works (i) to provide legal aid for the migrant workers and members of their families to defend their right; (ii) to conduct the researches and in-depth studies on every aspect of the matters; (iii) to document any right abuses to enhance the public awareness; (iv) to engage with the local authorities and/or policy makers; (v) to make improvement of the legal protection of the migrant workers; and (vi) to campaign nationally as well as internationally to urge the ratification and implementation of the Convention in a consistent manner.

What Issues are of Concerned the Institute for Migrant Rights?

The issues are divided into four groupings under the discussion of four working groups that deal respectively with; (i) the issues of the breach of the fundamental rights the issues of the political and civil migrant workers rights abuses; (iii) the issues of the economic, social, and cultural migrant workers rights; and (iv) the issues that relate with the contemporary phenomenons, such as, the issues of the global war on terror and the rights of migrant workers, free-trade and its implications toward the migrant workers or the issues of trafficking-in persons with migrant sex workers.

At present, the Institute through its publication house, IMR Press, has published many leading books under the IMR Series Study on International and Comparative Law. It also has published manual, newsletter, leaflet and booklet. Trained the will-be migrant workers on the International Mechanisms for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights. Furthermore, the Institute has also cooperate with local radio station to deliver an hour talkshow on the international mechanisms on human rights protection.

What Method of Works that the Institute for Migrant Rights Adopt?

The Institute acts as a substantive research, especially by identifying human rights issues and proposing solutions. In order to achieve the goals, the Institute has five departement that corporate closely. The research department undertake the research, make recommendations on particular issue that under its consideration and to foster dialogue between the Institute’s partners. The department of publication works to publish the work of the Institute or others that supports the Institute mission. The department of public relation aims to fill in the gap between the institute and its working partners, Goverments, Inter-governmental organization, NGOs, companies, individuals and other non-state actors. The department of legal clinic aid aims to provide the help for the victims of rights abuses. Lastly, the Departement of documentation that central tasks are to documenting every study that has been done and to collect any informations on migrant rights issues.

Is There Any Chance to Receive Legal Assistance from the Institute for Migrant Rights?

The Institute has a department that its main task is solely to provide the legal aid for the victim of rights abuses. It will help the victims to present their cases to the international mechanisms or national as well.

How Can You Help the Institute?

As frequently proclaimed by the United Nations (UN), the efforts to promote and to protect human rights are not solely the responsible of the UN, State or NGOs. The UN maintains thet every individual bears the similar responsibility or role in creating an environment in which human rights indiscriminately well-respected.

Consequently, when you give the information about us (the Institute) to the people who need it, you’ve already made a huge contribution. And if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Secretariat for further information about our activities and programs.

And you can also make donations to us or send a letter of interest for applying as our volunteers. We will keep your application on file and contact you as relevant positions become available. Please feel free to modify your volunteer profile as your skills and availability change.