Translating Cosmopolitan Justice for “the Others”

Bhagwati-Portrait-imrThe treatment of migrants within Indonesia, particularly trafficked sex workers and domestic workers, is a growing human rights issue in the region. However, the traditional models of advocacy that predominate have produced very limited results in terms of actual government protection for this population. This initiative is aimed at enriching the existing approaches by enlisting international fora to address the deplorable situation of migrant workers in Indonesia and elsewhere. This undertaking will also bring to light the best-practices that are rapidly coming to the fore as a result of the recently in force UN Convention that protects migrant workers, particularly in the area of the administration of justice. The publication of abuses of migrant rights to the international community would also expand awareness of the problem and facilitate the dedication of more technical support to address it. In addition, the initiative would further the acceptance of human rights norms in Indonesia, since it could make public the benefits of the international human rights regime.

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